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Carden™ - Wastewater Denitrification Product

Cost Effective

Carden is a cost effective carbon source for denitrification. Compared to the industry standard -methanol - Carden costs less on a per pound of COD basis. Carden is highly efficient because, as a natural source of carbon, there is little to no acclimation period for the bacteria.  This means quicker denitrification and shorter digestion times.  More savings to you.

Excellent Carbon Source

Carden is a natural form of biodegradable carbon with a high COD (>1,000,000 mg/L).  It is completely water soluble and can be used as a drop-in replacement for other non-renewable carbon sources such as methanol.
Environmentally Friendly

Looking to improve your environmental footprint? Carden is derived from natural sources that are renewable and sustainable.

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