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Counterweight Blue

Carbellus produces a non-flammable, non-toxic, renewable tire ballast fluid for tractor and construction tires.  Counterweight Blue provides farmers and construction workers a safer and cleaner alternative for adding weight to their equipment tires.  This means fewer safety concerns and compliance issues.  Counterweight Blue is specially formulated to ensure excellent flowability even during the coldest of months, while still maintaining a high weight and density.

Counterweight Blue™ has several advantages over other standard fluids:
  • Non-flammable.  Unlike methanol, Counterweight Blue is not flammable.  Even at a 30% concentration of methanol in water, the flash point is as low as 75oF.  
  • Better economics.  Iron and lead weights cost five times more per pound and are more difficult to install.
  • Better tire profile.  Filling tires with ballast fluid distributes weight more evenly than metal counterweights and puts the weight wear you need it.  Weighted tires grip the earth more firmly leading to better traction and longer tire life
  • Non-corrosive.   Calcium chloride and other salt solutions corrode tire rims.  Counterweight Blue is non-corrosive.
  • No sticky or toxic mess.  Unlike sugar solutions, Counterweight Blue doesn't leave a sticky residue.  And unlike methanol and antifreeze solutions, spills from punctured tires won't leave a toxic residue that poisons soils and livestock.  
Visit the website for Counterweight Blue for more details and how to purchase Counterweight Blue for your tires today!

Calcium filled tires are
      corroded out!
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