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Lubricants and Metal Working Fluids


Cost Effective: LuBRICKant is an oil-based lubricant that coats the mixer blades in a brick mixer to help reduce friction between the brick mix and the blades.  LuBRICKant costs less than most lubricants commonly used in brick factories.  Because LuBRICKant also works better, your mixer blades last longer and your power consumption decreases. This means more savings for your plant.

Proven Performance: LuBRICKant has been used for years in existing brick plants.  LuBRICKant consistently outperforms other lubricants. LuBRICKant also has better flow properties than most other lubricants so it can be used with your existing equipment today.

Environmentally Friendly: Looking to improve your environmental footprint?  LuBRICKant is derived from natural sources that are renewable and sustainable.

Metal Working Fluids

Carbellus' series of metal working fluids have been formulated to reduce the corrosive nature of most MWF's.  The fluids also consist of more renewable products that still perform as well as their petroleum counterparts.
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