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Release Agents

Concrete Release Agent

Carbellus' Concrete Release Agent is specially formulated to prevent concrete from sticking to wood and metal forms.  The formula is water soluble, so overspray can be safely washed away and won't create and "oil slick" at your work place.  Carbellus' formula also contains corrosion inhibitors to prevent rusting of your reusable metal forms.  Best of all, Carbellus' Concrete Release Agent is biodegrable, safe, non-toxic, and renewable.   

Foundry Release Agent

Carbellus' Foundry Release Agent effectively prevents foundry sands from adhering to your moulds.  This formula doesn't contain any silicons that can cause "fish eyes" in your molds and final products.  Also, as the formula only contains natural, renewable products, off-gases are less toxic and safer for foundry workers.  

Asphalt Release Agent

Carbellus' Asphalt Release Agent effectively prevents asphalt from adhering to asphalt trucks and other surfaces.  The Asphalt Release Agent can also be used to remove unwanted asphalt.  Unlike diesel fuel, Carbellus' Asphalt Release Agent is environmentally friendly and compliant with EPA and DOT standards.

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