Carbellus is a producer of high quality natural products for various industries.  We offer a variety of products for animal feed, biodiesel feedstock, water treatment, degreasers, release agents, and lubricants.

The word “Carbellus” is a conjunction of two words: the element “carbon” and the latin word “tellus”, which means to renew or earth.  The name Carbellus shows our dedication to producing renewable, safer, and more environmentally friendly products that meets the most demanding customer needs.

About Us

Carbellus proudly produces two lines of natural products.  Our natural industrial products include tractor tire ballast fluids, water denitrification, metal working fluids, and our brick lubricant.  Our natural fats and oils include: acid oils, yellow greases, and biodiesel feedstock.

Carbellus is dedicated to producing innovative solutions to your chemical needs. Looking for more sustainable, environmentally friendly alternatives? Contact us.